Garden and community space in Bed-Stuy

Meeting Aug 9th

We'll be having a meeting on August 9th at 11am. As a member it is important that all members to be there as we will be voting on a couple of items and we need 2/3 of the members to vote. If you unable to attend, please email me so I can arrange an email ballot for you. We will be taking membership too.


Meeting agenda:

  • Back of the lot. Brian at Hoods to Woods Foundation is proposing to create a skate ramp there and his kids would become active in the garden to gain access to it. This has been discussed before to no interest. However, now some members are interested in this for the space. Kyiesha, however, would like to create a seating area in the same space. So we need to vote as a group to decide. (We'll reach out to Brian to confirm)
  • Francis would like to create a hoophouse/greenhouse for growing earlier and later in the season. Do we want to do this? is there enough space? If so, we need to identify. 
  • Member Vote: Specific rules in regards to dogs in the garden
  • Member Vote: Adding a position for a treasurer to the bylaws and voting on position
  • Project updates. shed; grass and picnic tables; fixing cement at entryway; etc


Other news in the garden, the lock was broken this past week and we've needed to replace it. If you need a new key, please let me know so I can get you a copy. Kyle and the gang have been making major strides in completion of the shed. Stop by and check it out! I also realized that not everyone knew about the informational binder. It is kept in the bucket with the lid that also contains smalls supplies. In it, you'll find information for visitors who wish to know more or be on the mailing list; membership forms; copies of our bylaws; bank account transaction log; member time log (please log in your hours! Especially if you have an odd work schedule!); and compost information and log.


The Patchen Ave Block Association will be holding their annual block party on August 2nd. Food, fun and games! There will be story time and events for kids in the garden. For more information, contact Crystal at CrystalEdwards43@hotmail.com.