Garden and community space in Bed-Stuy

Meeting Notes from April 21st

Meeting Notes from April 21st, 2012.  Next Meeting May 5th at 4pm. Agenda discussed: Gate, Bobcat, Woodchips, Organization, Name, Fundraising, Non-profit

    1. Gate Cyrus reports on closing the fence with a gate. Cyrus had contacted the Department of Sanitation, to find out if they could replace the gate on the lot. They explained to him that since we are in a permit process with HPD, we need to check with HPD about the gate. HPD will not be likely to replace the gate, and we ought to replace it ourselves. Cyrus will price out options before next meeting.Assembly agrees to put down money for the gate as our fist action.


  • Backhoe/Bucket Loader Cash reports on a "small backhoe" or "bucket loader." He got a price on one from Maspeth, Queens - $275-$350 / day (depending on attachments) and $175 each way. We will start to raise money for this, but will not schedule until weedwhacking is taken care of. Perhaps we can clean up right after weedwhacking, and then bring in the Bobcat a week later?



  • Organizational Review of Greenthumb process. Alexis explains his 2-year plan for the garden, and that we need to come up with 3-year plan. 12 inches of woodchip will serve as a barrier between surface and the existing soil. General enthusiasm for a deck. Next version of site plan will include a deck. We can sink pilings into the ground after the site clearing, which a deck and jungle gym can be built upon. Alison will post a bulletin board on the fence as well as begin a website.



  • Patchen Community Square Name Decided upon



  • Fundraising Alison explains IOBY, online fundraising service recommended by 596 Acres. We should have a fundraising committee and a trusted treasurer before embarking on fundraising. Proposal to form a fundraising committee. Fundraising committee will meet this Tuesday (Cyrus, Alison, Regina) to discuss raising money and budget in general at their next meeting, and put together a proposal for dues for next meeting



  • Non-Profit Cyrus inquires if we want to set-up non-profit. Alexis suggests that it is too soon to think about incorporating or applying for 501(c)(iii). Alexis suggests continuing as an "unincorporated association" through the summer. Cyrus will research more about 501(c)(iii) before next meeting.


For more details, please refer to the google group