Garden and community space in Bed-Stuy

Spring Meeting

Spring is upon us! Let's all come together May 3rd at 11am to discuss this years plans. We'd like to enact bylaws (finally!) and elect new board members. We're also going to discuss the current garden plan and proposed projects. It would be great if you could review our Proposed Bylaws and Proposed Site Plan

New board positions include:

  • 2 Co-chairs to oversea general affairs and finances
  • Supply coordinator - know the contacts and be responsible to smoothly facilitate tools, soil, woodchip, etc.
  • Events Coordinator - someone who can be around to have events like volunteer days, classes, etc
  • Fundraising Coordinator - actively seeking out fundraising and grant opportunities. point person within the community to make connections with local businesses
  • Individual gardener representative - someone who is (preferably) an individual gardener and is aware of the individual's needs so that the community active in the garden can support these individuals.