Garden and community space in Bed-Stuy

Volunteer Day May 5th 10am-4pm

The fundraising committee met on Tuesday and discussed ideas for fundraising. It was decided that the kick-off would be on May 5, 2012 in conjunction with a Volunteer Day and a Community Meeting to sell hot dogs and iced tea. We will be cleaning the lot from 10am - 5pm, with the meeting at 4pm. We will take this opportunity to discuss the project and to gain additional support from the community. If you have any gardening tools, please bring those along with gloves and possibly something to cover your face as the dirt is awful dusty and contaminated (still waiting on the soil tests)


Other fundraising ideas include:

  • Activities to engage the community (not necessarily volunteer days) and where we can engage the children. Movie nights, inviting the fire dept/police to a volunteer day, etc. Different concessions
  • ioby (need to spec out supply costs)
  • donation button on site


Regina has agreed to be treasurer.