Soil for Individual Beds

Individual beds at Patchen Community Square are 4' x 8' and will need about 34 cubic feet of soil (just over 1 cubic yard.) You can make your soil from scratch or by purchasing bags. If you were to use, for example, "Miracle Grow" mixed garden soil, each bag is 1 cubic foot. So you would need 34 bags. Soil is a biological process that takes time. Ideally, you would have a few weeks to let your soil settle and breath. In any case, you should fill your bed and give it a full night to breath and settle.

You can and should read this to learn more about soil:

Soil Resources

Long Island Compost

100 Urban Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590
Phone: 516.334.6600

Maryann (Bulk Deliveries) 516-306-6811
Frank (Bagged product deliveries) 631-831-8604

Soil Recipe

6-9 cubic foot of composted manure 

1/2 lb of plantone (organic fertilizer)

3 - 25 lb bags of sand

1/2 cubic foot of vermiculite

1/2 cubic foot of peat moss

and otherwise, just topsoil from the site, to fill up.